2016-2017 Elementary School: Cricut for the Classroom Active Sitting/Flexiable Classroom Intermediate School: Science Lab Equipment Middle School: Special Olympics Maps/calculators High School: Action Photography lens

Faculty Grants

Every year the Pilot Point Educational Foundation gives PPISD Teachers a chance to apply for grants  to purchase items for their classroom.

Members of the board visit each campus to award the grants to the winners in a surprise ceremony.

Early Childhood Center:  Size and Age appropriate cubicles for the Library - $2,660.98

Pilot Point Elementary School:  Dramatic Paly & Community Center Project - $1,080.00

                                                  Headphones for speech-to-text as well as the text-to-speech on computers - $450.00

Pilot Point High School:  Hope Squad (Suicide Prevention) - $2,500.00

                                        Forensic Schience Equipment - $2,500.00

                                         Therapeutic Furniture - $500.00

Pilot Point Early Childhood Center- Kindergarten Teachers- Sensory Engagement- $2,300

Pilot Point Elementary-  Math Intervention Activities/Manipulatives- $2,500
Pilot Point Middle School-  Let's Read! Library Books- $2,500
Pilot Point High School- Life Skills Vocational Supplies- $2,614.50


Congratuations to the follow teachers for receiving the Mini Grants this year.  We were able to award $11,480.66 to projects for this next year.  

Elementary School  - Kindergarten Teachers -   Funding for weekly Art projects - $897.70

Intermediate School - Amy Cooper - Dictionaries for the Writing Classroom - $845.00

Middle School - Nickolai Lanier - Mobile learning kits - $1,404.85

                           Jennifer Tullis - Gray Matter Set - $1,255.00

                           Emily Slagle - Software & Green Screen for broadcasting - $446.87

High School - Sarabeth Hesteande - Greenhouse Supplies - $2,900.00

                         Tabitha Gray - Theater Club - $647.00

                          Dorcas Boerner - Library STEM projects - $3,084.24


  • Education Galaxy- Corey Haughton-$2,200
  • Making the Rounds- Employee Childcare Stroller- $1,500
  • Sensory Equipment- Diane Sheppard- $853.92


  • Education Galaxy- Dee Ann Annett- $2,200
  • Energy, Motion, and Forces- Debbie Aitken- $300
  • Reading/Writing Intervention Curriculum- Amy Witte- $815
  • Xylophone- Meredith Crouch- $500


  • Library Mini-Makeover- $1,922
  • Can You Hear Me Now? (headphones)- $1,000

Elementary School:

Butterfly Garden

Intermediate School:

Read to Succeed Reading Supplies

Benchmark Assessment Materials

Middle School:

Floor Graphics for Learning

Educational Escape: Critical Thinking

High School:

Greenhouse Raised Beds

Imac for Yearbook

Elementary School

IPad Apps

STEAM Support

Flexiable Seating

Intermediate School

Literacy Library

Middle School

Vocational Task Project Supplies

Breaking the Code to History

High School

Yearbook Supplies

Elementary School:

Cricut for the Classroom

Active Sitting/Flexible Classroom


Intermediate School:

Science Lab Equipment

Middle School

Special Olympics


High School:

Action Photography Lens


Elementary School:

Literacy Library
Math Mania

Intermediate School:

iReading for the Visual Learning Generation
Performance Piano

Middle School:

Kinesthetic Math Classroom

High School:

Yearbook Camera

Elementary School:

Whiteboards  lesson
Leveled readers

Intermediate School:

Torch Learning Tool

Middle School:

Romeo Music System

High School:

Laptop for Data Room
Library Books

Elementary School:
Computer and Data Projector
Middle School:
Smart Boards

Elementary School:
Birds of Prey Presentation
Character Traits Cirriculium
Leveled Readers K-2
Intermediate School:
Listening Center Headphones
Middle School:
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens workshop
High School:
Rachel's Challenge

Elementary School:
Kelly Gist- Science Stations
Brenda Cardena & Amy Scott- ipad Elevate Education
Diane Sheppard- iPad
Intermediate School:
Rena Bartlett- iPad Encounters of the 21st Century
Jessica Carlile- iPad2- Do You?
Rebecca Czubakowski- iPad- ling into the future
Sheva McDonald- Navigating the world using iPad Technology
Middle School:
Kelly Howell- Calculators
Kelly Howell, Johna Gordon, Debbie Evans Kelly Vaughan- Geometric Shapes for Math
High School:
Tammy Glascock- Model farm/ Ranch
Elementary School:
Kelly Gist - Science Stations
Corey Haughton- Creepy & Cool Chemistry
Intermediate School:
Diana Lusby - Blubber Literature Unit
Rebecca Czubakowski - Mobi
Jessica CArlile - Future is Now - Mobi
Rena' Bartlett - Lego Education : we do Robotics
Middle School:
Kelly Howell- Examgen Texas Math Database
Johna Gordon- Desk and Chairs
Leslie Mascari - Classroom Desks
Linda Orrantia- Smart Audio Amplification
High School:
Tammy Glascock- Floriculture flower & Foliage Identification
Susan Svane - Career Interest Survey & Database
Elementary School:
Margie Hanks & Kelly Gist - Storytelling comes to life
Corey Haughton - Robotics Science Camp
Intermediate School:
Diana Lusby & Kayla Allen - Turning Point
Rena' Bartlett- Multimedia Classroom
Tammy Oveross- Technology Tools
Middle School:
Kelly Howell - Document Camera
7th Grade Team - Document Cameras
High School:
Kelly Fincher- Bearcat Shredders
Sharon Van Tyne - Electronic Maps for Social Studies
District wide:
Employee Childcare- 4 seat Stroller

Elementary School:

Kelly Gist - Literacy Stations

Second Grade Teachers- Reading/SRA Reading Lab

Corey Haughton - Pre-Med Science Camp

Tanya Price - The Morris Brothers Assembly

Intermediate School:

Bambi Pelzel- Morris Brothers- Bullying Prevention

4th Grade Teachers - Teaching in a Visual Wonderland

Darla Wooten, Kelly Skelton, Tammy Overo-  Reading   room and teacher Library

Nancy White - Lively Literacy Learning

Special Education and Inclusion Teachers - Pet Partner Therapy 

Darla Wooten - Overhead Overload to Reading Readiness (Coserv)

Middle School:

LaDonna Carroll - Elmo

Jennifer David- Data Projector with Equipment

Leslie Mascari - Data Projector with Equipment

High School:

Diana Cook - Lights, Action, Record

David Gudgel- Smart Music  

Elementary School:

Carol Doughty: Leveled Rader Library
First Grade Teachers: Multimedia Learning
First Grade Teachers: Sensational Word Families- Angie Jurecka: Helping Struggling Readers and Promoting Literacy
Margie  Hanks & Kelly Gist: Creative Teaching Press Sight Word Readers and Learn to Read Classroom Pack


Sheva MacDonald: Hear It! Speak It! Comprehend It!- 
4th Grade Teachers: iLearn: Thinking Outside the Classroom Box with iEducation-
Rebecca Czubakowski- Laubach Readers 

Middle School:

La Donna Carroll: Novel Sets of 3
Debbie Evans: My Satori-
LaTisha Marick: Laubach Readers

High School:

Joy Morgan & Karlena Adkisson- Laubach
Susan Svane: Reaching Further, Doing More
Terry Dooley, Amanda Watson, Janelle Luellen, William Hargrove: Geometry, PreCal, Algebra, and Math Models-  

Elementary School: 

Darenda Ashby-Language Arts,
1st grade teachers-Phonics & Phoemic Awareness,
1st grade Teachers-Sensational Social Studies,
Carol Doughty-Leveled Readers Library,
Jenna Vawter-Science Alive,
Kindergarten Teachers-TLC Lessons,
Kindergarten Teachers-Leap Frog Learning Phonemic Awareness Series
Angie Jurecka -LCD Projector for Library.

Intermediate School-

4th grade Teachers-Creating Measurements using the Master Rule
Jill Evan-Projecting the Future
Sheva McDonald-Tech it and Read.

Middle School

Penny Howard-2 Elmo Projectors
Kelly Howell-CBR 2TM Motion Dectors

High School-

Trish Carter-220 Line for donated Klin & Additional ceramic  supplies
Susan Svane-See is believing
Sharon Van Tyne-Promethean Collaborative Class 

Elementary School:

1st Grade Teachers -  Super Science and  Ready to Write

Intermediate School: 

Sheva McDonald-Paw-erful Reader,
Jill Evans, Kim Howard, Shelley Walker & Cathy Perry-Headphones for head start (This mini grant was given by Co-Serv), 
3rd Grade Teachers-Integrating Reading with Science

Middle School:

Joy Morgan & Kelli King-Jeopardy
Ladonna Carroll-SRA Reading Laboratory

High School: 

Jamie Halsell-Metting LPAC Requirements
Elisabeth Pope & Ginger Jordan-CPO Physical Science Equipment

Elementary School:

Cory Haughton & David McCall-Science
Stacy Davis & Patty Dooley, 2nd grade leveled readers
Stacy Como & Shelly Walker (Intermediate School)-
John Erickson author presentaion Hank the Cowdog

Intermediate School:

Tammy Oveross, Cathy Perry, Darla Wooten, Pam Wilson, Sara Stevens- Reading Counts Materials

Middle School:

LaDonna Carroll, LaTisha Mrick, Jennifer Hall- D Books CD Players
Courtney Harris- Recycling Projects

High School:

Trish Carter- Technology & Art
Jereome Noel - Engineering Project
Sharon Heinemann & Ginger Jorda - Science Cell Model

Elementary School:

2nd Grade Teachers, Guided Reading Books

Intermediate School:

Rae Ann Strittmatter and David McCall: Elizabeth Means Outdoor Science Center

High School:

Science Department, Computer-Based Laboratory Units for Science
Mathematics Department: Computer-Based Laboratory Units for Math

Intermediate School:

4th Grade Teachers, Exploring the Hands-On Science Way

Middle School:

Nicole Gregory, Uniforms for Special Olympic Team Members

High School:

Susan Long, Lego Robotics for Computer Science
Regina Sitzes, Camera and Accessories for Yearbook Production
Elementary School:
 First Grade Team, Project Read Phonology Materials
Intermediate School:
 Angela Turner and Jessica Carlisle- Mathematics in Literature
Middle School:
 Amy Scott and Susan Schoenthal- Audio Books
High School:
Trish Carter- Potter's Wheel for Art Classes
Elementary School:
Patty Dooley- Better Handwriting and Reading Through Fine Motor Therapy
Intermeidate School:
 Tammy Oveross- Reading Counts! Test Drive - Reading Quizzes and Prizes
Middle School:
 Kaye Jones- Enhancing Technology Integration Projects with Graphics Software
High School:
 Keli Crane- Costume Design Materials and Resources
Elementary School:
 Sylvia Crutsinger and David McCall, 2nd Grade Art Project
Intermediate School:
 Tammy Oveross, Where in the World is Flat Stanley?
Middle School:
 Darren Wilson, CD Recording Studio
High School:
 Suzanne Ray and Elizabeth Bullock, History Alive Curriculum
Elementary School:
First Grade Teachers, Curriculum-based Software
Intermediate School:
 Third Grade Teachers, Aquatic Life in the Classroom
Middle School:
Rebecca Czubakowski, Reading Pen for Students with Learning Disabilities
High School:
 Trish Carter, Potter's Wheel for Art Classes
Elementary School:
 Tammy Oveross, Now We're Cooking: Cooking Adtivities in the Classroom
Middle School:
Kim Walden, Nutrition That Students Can Touch: Food Guide Pyramid Kit
High School:
Susan Long, Multimedia Possibilities: Computer Speakers and Software
Elementary School:
 David McCall, ROPES Course
Intermediate School:
 Fourth Grade Teachers, Literature Books for Reader's Circles
Middle School:
 Leigh Ann Jones, Amy Scott &LaDonna Carroll, Audio Books
High School:
 Stephanie Short, Video Camera for Theater Arts Classes
Elementary School:
Third Grade Teachers, Literature Leads to Learning
Middle School:
 Amy Marshall, Teaching with Themes: Novels from American History
High School:
Sharon VanTyne, Digital Camera for Computer Classes
Elementary School:
 Angie Feldman, Up Close and Personal with Class Microscopes
Elementary School:
 Second Grade Teachers, Creepy Crawlies Insect Study
High School:
Terry Dooley, TI Graphing Calculator View Screen