The Pilot Point Educational Foundation is honored and privileged to maintain and administer our family of endowments and scholarships on behalf of those who have lost loved ones or to honor those whose legacy lives within each of us.

For additional information on establishing an endowment, please contact us.

There are many ways you can contribute:

Full Endowment Donor
A $10,000 donation assures the perpetuity of an annual award of at least $500 in a donor selected program.
One-Time Scholarship/Grants
A one time donation or grant of at least $500.00 in memory of honor of an individual/group.
Planned Giving
Persons interested in planned giving should consider memorial gifts, tributes, trusts, life insurance or other options recommended by their estate planner.
Annual Fund Raiser
The Foundation holds its annual fundraising Gala in the Spring of each year. Your help as a volunteer and/or participant is needed.



Make checks payable to:
Pilot Point Educational Foundation